Welcome to the 32nd German Goldpanning Championships from June 08 – 10, 2018

 The championships will be held in a new location near the "Infohaus" (GPS 50°00'37.5'' N 11°42'22.2'' E) on top of the  “Gold Mountain” – and in the heart of the Goldkronach gold mining area. From Brandholz (50°00'54.5"N 11°42'24.8"E)    near Goldkronach please follow the brown direction signs to the visitors mines “Besucherbergwerke”. Free camping near the “Infohaus”, no electricity available.

Starting fees:

Open Men € 20,00

Open Women € 20,00

Traditional Klondike € 20,00 / € 10,00 reduced

Traditional Batea € 20,00 / € 10,00 reduced

(Traditional pans will be provided by the organizers)

Veterans € 20,00 / € 10,00 reduced

Juniors < 16 years € 10,00

Children < 12 years - free

Beginners € 10,00

3 Member Teams € 5,00 per person 


Reduced fees for the second category. Special rules for 3 Member Teams: only mixed teams allowed and first panner has to use the Klondike pan. Best association members from Open, Klondike and Batea categories will contest for a big nugget in a Tripan final! Membership available at the registration office until start of competitions. 

Breakfast (€ 5,00)  and BBQ available on Saturday and Sunday, dinner (€ 7,00) on Saturday evening.

The competitions will start at 10:00 am on Saturday 9th, competitors “gold flea market” is planned at Saturday afternoon.      Pre-ordering and pre-registration at



See you soon in Goldkronach!